CRES Real Estate – Lead 2 Green

written by Joanna Cwik

Customized Real Estate Solutions works with commercial real estate owners and tenants in the Houston area.  Their latest venture Lead 2 Green focuses on finding environmentally friendly “green space” for their growing clientele who seek to become responsible to their environment.

You can see the digital creative in our portfolio, or by clicking on the image below.

cres real estate creative design home

Web Design Dilema

Lead 2 Green was looking to completely redesign their website to match their new company identity.  One of their goals was to reduce the existing content without de-valuing the end-user experience.  The goal was to create a more intuitive, better focused site with easy and fluid navigation.

The Creative Design Solution

After deciding that the new website should have WordPress as the foundation, we quickly realized that our first task would be to eliminate information overload on the homepage.  Our developers decided that a tabbed content area on the front page would allow more information to be displayed without overcrowding prime website real estate.

The next step was to guide Lead 2 Green through the process of culling their articles so that more focus could be placed on new content.  Using the power of WordPress posts, our client will now be able to organize all their articles and keep them easily accessible to the viewer.  The recent articles are listed on every page which keeps them available while still being neatly tucked away.

cres real estate creative design articles

When a client asks us to overhaul their site, usually it requires an complete rebranding.  This was the case for Lead 2 Green.  They wanted a fresh, cohesive look from top to bottom, from the header and fonts right down to the social media icons!  We were thrilled at the opportunity to source out some eco-chic social media icons which completed the new site’s look.

cres real estate creative design social media

Website Review

Lead 2 Green is impressed with their new site and with how much easier it is to manage content!  When coupled with a cleaner SEO methodology, the overhaul is resulting in qualified leads and measurable results.


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