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written by guest writer and beloved intern Joanna Cwik

Discotoast is quickly becoming the go-to webdesign company for the commercial real estate market!  We are pleased to announce the launch of the Cherry & Associates website.  Cherry & Associates specializes in representing tenants. That means they deliver objective, unbiased advice and services that give you the best possible value for your real estate investment.

You can view the digital creative in our webdesign portfolio or by clicking on the image below.

Custom Digital Creative Design for Commercial Real Estate

Cherry & Associates needed a site that would “wow” their clients and keep a professional appearence.  As a member of ITRA, Cherry & Associates wanted a design which would include some of ITRA’s features and functionality.

Cherry & Associates also wanted to clean up their web-content, putting more emphasis on their services and on their achievements.

Custom Digital Creative Design for Commercial Real Estate Global Coverage Map


The Creative Design Solution

Cherry & Associates’ website redesign was a precursor to the complete overhaul we did for ITRA.  We created a custom map interface for Cherry & Associates which would provide for a slimmer version of the very versatile map we designed for ITRA.  The purpose of the interface was to show ITRA’s global offices, allowing potential clients to contact tenant representatives in any city around the world.  Using the WordPress CMS on the backend of Cherry & Associates’ new website allowed us to give our client control over the content while still giving us the ability to create a unique design.

In keeping with the dark cherry theme of Cherry & Associate’s brand, we chose a rich cherrywood texture for the background, creating a very elegant, professional look.  This gave the website a warm, classic feel while still looking modern and sophisticated.

Custom Digital Creative Design for Commercial Real Estate Management Team


In order to give Cherry and Associates a way to proudly show off their management team, we employed the classic technique of using a coloured image to indicate a selected item, and using a black & white image to indicate that an item was not in use.  Sometime the best web design techniques are not the newest ones, but rather the timeless techniques which still create impact!

As a final touch, we made sure that our client’s various social media outlets were clearly visible.  We gave added emphasis to Twitter with a slide-out panel that shows off Cherry & Associates’ latest tweets.

Website Review

Our client was so excited about their new website that as soon as they launched, they gave us a shout-out on Twitter!  Cherry & Associates now update their own content, add news, and use the site to generate great leads thanks to a better search engine visibility!


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