Canadian Home Healthcare


written by guest writer and beloved intern Joanna Cwik

Discotoast is excited to announce the launch of the new website for Canadian Home Healthcare!  Canadian Home Healthcare is a provider of affordable products and services for Sleep Apnea, Home Oxygen and Blood Pressure Monitoring.

You can see our digital creative in our portfolio or by clicking on the image below.


Web Design Dilemma

Canadian Home Healthcare’s original website was in dire need of a complete creative and interactive redesign. The website by nature is content heavy and a primary objective for the redesign project was to reduce information clutter and focus on what mattered most.  As a national company it was important for the new design to project that identity.

The Creative Design Solution

With budget being a factor and a lot of ground to cover we offered up a custom design coded within the WordPress content management platform.  This was done to give the client control not only of the design budget but also the easy management of web pages, front slider and company blog.  Given the company’s national reach and branding the design draws heavily from themes intuitively recognizable to all Canadians.



We made extensive use of the WordPress CMS so although there is heavy customization updating is simple and intuitive.  One of our primary goals as a web company is to empower our clients to manage their own web content by making management as simple and intuitive as possible.



Website Review

Canadian Home Healthcare was very pleased with the final solution and enjoys having ultimate content control!


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