Graphic Design

Graphic Design

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Discotoast Graphic Design

Discotoast incorporates enriched media such as photos, audio and video content to create a much deeper, more interactive website experience.

We can build a design around existing artwork or design your web collateral from scratch!

Corporate Identity / Online Branding

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Discotoast Branding

Let Discotoast help interpret the core elements that identify your company as a brand in itself.

We can design your logo, color schema, symbology, and typography to give your company attractive, consistent online visual messages that reflect your company’s unique identity.

Graphic Vector Design


Discotoast Vector Design

We design vector formats of illustration as well as logo and company materials for high-quality output.

3D Graphic Design


Discotoast 3D Design

Using 3D software to render and generate animations as well as images for use on web and print media.

Design Templates


Discotoast Design Templates

Design Templates include PowerPoint templates, eStationary, letterhead, business card designs or any graphical template created with the use of corporate branding.

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