Discotoast is Now Hiring – Junior Web Developer

Posted 2 years ago by Brian Dunseith
Now Hiring

Please note this position is no longer available. 


Position: Junior Developer [contract]
Location: Britain St. (Richmond and Sherbourne)
Required Availability: Full Time, 30-45 hrs/wk
Payment Terms: Salary

Discotoast Inc. is looking for a talented Junior Developer to meet the expanding demand of our small to medium sized business clientele.

This is an entry level position. IF however you prove yourself competent, reliable and are willing to learn, you will go places with us!
The position focuses mostly on coding within a WordPress environment but also extends to other web development including custom projects.
The contract term is 6 months, with a probationary term of 3 months and the option to expand to 12 months (and beyond!).

Must Have:

- Team Player
- Positive Attitude
- Student Mentality (willing to learn)
- Good Work Ethic
- You present solutions, not problems.
- Knowledge of WordPress
- PHP, HTML, CSS, jQuery
- comfortable working in a live CMS environment (working locally before deploying online)
- be reachable “on call” if requested by emergency client situation (rare but possible)
- The ability to multitask.
- A willingness to be agile and nimble as priorities shift between projects and tasks.
- Good communication skills, both written and oral.

Nice to have (especially if you are looking for growth):

- ASP, Flash, Photoshop
- an eye for aesthetics nice to have for growth
- creative talent!

How to apply:

Attention to simple instruction is a MAJOR factor in consideration for hire. Please provide the following:

1) Your resume;
2) Links to work samples with clear descriptions of YOUR specific role
3) 1 paragraph explaining why you feel this gig would be a good fit for you,

Interested Applicants please email careers@discotoast.com

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